Gator ARV43M Mirror Mount Reversing Camera System

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The GATOR ARV43M 4.3″ CLIP ON MIRROR REVERSE CAMERA KIT DUALTECH is a great kit for anyone looking for a reverse camera system. Reverse cameras not only help with reverse parking but increase safety by providing a clear view from the rear of the vehicle.

The universal clip on mirror included in this kit will fit almost every vehicle. When reverse gear is selected, the incorporated 4.3″ screen will light up so you can see where you are reversing. When reverse gear is not activated, it will simply act as a rear-view mirror.

A great feature on this kit is that it is DUALTECH which allows for a wired or wireless installation.

This kit includes a 4.3″ clip on mirror monitor and a stealth registration plate camera which is ideal for vehicles that have a centrally located rear registration plate. The kit includes everything you need and the included installation instructions make it very simple to install.